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Happy Customers

"This whelping pad from Best Yet Pet Beds is an awesome product.  It's very absorbent and wicks away the moisture so the mother stays dry. It also has a nice thickness to it so there's added comfort in the whelping box. I bought two which makes changing the bedding so easy. You can throw one in the wash while you are useing the other.


I also recommend their custom crate pads!" - Claire W.

"I have bought your beds in the past and I love them. Now I need a special order. My Gordon Setter, Sharra, goes to church on Sunday and sits in the back row with those that can’t make it to the front rows because of the hearing devices and walkers and such. They can’t pet her on the floor so she gets to sit on the pew. So we would like one of your Clean and Dry, four layer pads, 2 feet wide by 5 feet long...Thank you so much.

BTW I bought a very large one for my older Gordon boy. He sometimes is incontinent at night. He sleeps with his butt on it and if he leaks, I just put it in the wash. The urine DOES NOT go through to the rug underneath it and I think the cushiness is comfortable on his arthritic hind end." - Lorri

"We've been breeding standard poodles for almost 40 years, with over 115 champions to our credit. A lot of puppies have come into the world in our whelping boxes. Until we discovered the whelping blankets made by Best Yet Pet Beds, keeping the dam and her pups clean and dry was always a challenge: using a layer of towels and bedspreads, any kind of awkward, makeshift blankets we could find. Now, we just put down the terrific whelping blankets from Best Yet Pet Beds, change them daily, and throw them in the washing machine. The whelping blankets make raising puppies from birth to weaning a breeze. I just ordered more!" - Dr. Joel & Dr. Cynthia

"My cockapoo - Corky, who chews everything, loves to sleep on his Best Yet Pet Bed, and he doesn't chew it. Other beds we tried had to be taken away from him out of concern that he would swallow the material or stuffing. The design of the Best Yet Pet Bed is perfect for Corky. It feels like it is filled with gel. That's how comfortable it is for him. What a relief to have a safe and cozy bed for my dog." - Kaia

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