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Forget those disposable liners! No more wads of wet, smelly newpapers or blankets! 
These blankets use the same design as our Clean-N-Dry crate beds. 
Our whelping blankets are made using a moisture wicking Polartec fleece for the top layer which dries much faster than other whelping blankets. The center layers are made from an absorbent fabric and the bottom layer is a moisture resistant Polartec fleece. 
Keep your Dam and her puppies Clean-N-Dry. Whites stay white longer. Puppies will love to snuggle in the soft fleece.
They are durable and very WASHABLE! Re-use them again and again.  
Top side is light grey/brown to hide urine but allow other stains to show. Whelping blankets are machine washable and dryable.


  • Sorry, we do not accept returns or refunds for any of our products.

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